IT Tester Intern

Job Description:

In the role of a Tester, the job includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities, with training provided:

• Reading and understanding software requirements.

• Writing test cases for projects as per requirements.

• Performing test log bug tracking for projects.

• Reporting bug status to the Leader/Project Manager.

• Collaborating with developers to analyze and identify the root causes of issues.

• Writing user instruction documents as necessary.

• Contributing to the development of the company's products.

• Collaborating with other team members to ensure product quality.

• Undertaking other tasks assigned by the Leader/Project Manager.

• Ability to independently handle the company's products and work as part of a team.

Job Requirements:

• Honesty and logical thinking.

• Good communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

• Understanding of software testing processes, strategies, and techniques.

• Knowledge of how to write test cases.

• Experience is not required. Preference given to recent graduates or final-year students from IT-related colleges or universities.


• Participation in Ureka Media's 3 to 6-month training program.

• Training in fundamental testing skills: writing test cases, creating checklists, running test cases, writing bug reports.

• Guidance for professional development, applying learned knowledge to real company projects to gain experience.

• Allowance during the internship period (2,000,000 VND).

• Opportunity to become a full-time employee after the internship.

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