Revenue Uplift
  • Ad inventory management for maximum revenue. Ureka’s complete adtech solution and management services will deliver the right ad inventory that is align with your content and environment. Our end-goal is to find avenues of sustainable revenue.
  • Practical and transparent operations
  • Deliver contextually relevant video content and run in-stream ads. Ureka’s proprietary uPlayer provides various customisable video content and solutions for Publisher’s needs, for example if there is a need to automatically scanned highlighted contents and generate them into a video. Our video player is easily integrated with any video ad servers, that enable Publishers not only increase their in-stream ad revenues, but as well as to but also improve their webpage per visit rate.
  • Request for a free audit and personalised recommendation

Get more views & subscribers, and maximise revenue on YouTube channel. Every day, billions of YouTube videos are watched around the world. And they are not just being watched - they are being devoured. There is long-term revenue opportunities for Publishers on this platform. At Ureka, we strategise and develop content based on what viewers want and that will keep returning to YouTube to watch more.

uConnect Screen Network
  • Unleash power of digital screens, beyond computers and mobile phones. A new opportunity to deliver digital content and earn additional revenue via any digital display panels or screens at your premises. uConnect, a proprietary technology of Ureka Media is an effortless, one-time setup and it can be deployed rapidly to our connected screen network.
  • Simple and effective way to transform your customers experience.
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