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Milk tea, milk coffee are traditionally consumed beverage products. In recent years, tea-based drink, bubble tea has gained immense popularity. Today, drinking bubble-tea is trendy, and most people especially the youths are the key targets. And in constantly keeping up with the trend, Tealive will need to introduce new drink creation or items to keep up the momentum of their business.

And in the age of social media, youth usually want to be among the first to try the drink and post a picture to share or even being glued to their screens in search of the next trend in this category. The challenge we faced was how does Tealive keep up with the trend and be in the top-of-mind recall for the right target of group whenever they are searching for a beverage

With the constant creation of new drinks and items, Tealive is constantly in search for ways to reach out to its online audience to drive to effectively drive product awareness and sales. As such, it is also inevitable that most Tealive’s campaigns are product centric & executed within a short campaign burst.


Connect, collect, analyze and activate data. With the understanding of Tealive on-going innovation and creativity of new products. We onboarded DMP for Tealive and undergo data-planning process for each campaign for the purposes of collecting meaningful data with multiple touch points that allow us to plan ahead and improve the next campaigns.

Beyond the conventional method. We further integrate video clip of Tealive, where the campaign objectives are relevant, with dynamic creative optimizer to provide a wider reach to the audience outside standard social media channels such as facebook and youtube.

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