Digital Marketing Services

Drive customer experiences and build meaningful connections. Our strategies are performance-based as we know what it takes to compete in this changing and challenging business environment; hence we combine the power of data, strategy, innovation and technology to create an integrated marketing communications solutions for your business and in the consumer space. Most importantly, we deliver on the things you and your business care most about - leads, sales and new revenue.


The new opportunity for personalised, and unique communication. Today, there are multiple ad platforms and possibilities tor your campaigns. At Ureka Media, what’s most important is efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. We combine creative, data and technology in our media planning & executions. With uAds, as part of our media planning and execution, this will identify the most suitable ad platform/s and/or media channels, the right ad format, and throughout the campaign, an on-going optimisation with our dynamic creative optimizer and interactive rich media ads.


Inspiring brand loyalty on social media. Social media has revolutionised the relationship between businesses and its customers. It’s no longer about products and services, but about the people. Sharing valuable content or useful content with your followers, or the way you present your content and the formats you choose matters most. Let us strategize a compelling strategy for your business/brands, products or services.


Interact with your customers on multiple screens. Extend your brand awareness through our uConnect, a programmatic advertising screen network. This enable you to reach a wider audience with cross screen experience and yet, easily control your marketing budget.


Build highly targeted advertising and marketing campaigns with data. uLinQ is Ureka’s proprietary technology software, that house and organise data segments, and allowing marketers the flexibility to use data to run campaigns to acquire or retain customers - either via programmatic advertising, personalised marketing via various marketing automation platforms or even, offline marketing campaigns.

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